Происхождение фамилии
Летопись рода
Род Бежан Сорокского у.
с.с.Катюжан-Маре и Редюл-Маре

Род Бежан Белецкого у.
Род Бежан Оргеевского у.

Род Бежан Хотинского у.

Происхождение фамилии и   рода
Родословная роспись
Происхождение фамилии и   рода
Родословная роспись
Происхождение фамилии и   рода
Родословная роспись











Genealogical research Moldova Bessarabia

About me: Graduate of the Faculty of History of Kiev University with specialization in archival science.
I have been doing genealogical research since 1992. Founder and Director of the first Center for Genealogical Research in Kiev (1994-1997). 1995 - co-organizer and full member of the Ukrainian genealogical society in Kiev. Since 1995 - a member of the Historical and Genealogical Society in Moscow and Corresponding Member of the Russian Genealogical Society in Petersburg. He specialized in the genealogy of the Ukrainian nobility. Prepared for publication the first issue of the 5th volume of the «Malorossiyskу rodoslovnyk» by Vadim Modzalevsky with comments and additions (published in 1996).
Author of several articles on genealogy published in Ukraine, Russia and Germany.
Since 2000 I have been specializing in the genealogy of the Bessarabian clergy and mazils. IN 2005 created an author's site dedicated to several Bessarabian priestly families: http://bejan.org.ua/bejan_letopis.htm
For about 35 years I have been studying the history of my family. In the family tree I have compiled, there are already more than 1000 people.
How can I help: Genealogical searches, drawing up genealogies, obtaining archival extracts for everyone who has Moldovan-Bessarabian roots.

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